Texture Paste & Glitter Christmas Card

Happy Saturday, all!

I finally made it to edit the video and the post of today, busy week once again 🙂

I made this card earlier this week and was so excited with how it came out that I couldn’t wait another day to share it with you also. I played a bit with glitter and texture paste and it was so much fun! At first I tried to use the glitter with regular opaque texture paste and it just didn’t grabbed the glitter, but then I pulled out the trasparent paste and experimented with that also. Oh, the joy when I saw that the glitter adhered on top of this paste! Yay!!

I don’t use glitter too often onto my projects, but this glitter from the NUVO line it’s addictive, lol! It’s not as regular glitter, chunky or too sparkly, it is  so subtle and velvety to the touch once it’s applied! Love it!

For today’s card I used a stencil by Tim Holtz that I have for about 1 year or even more. Love this stencil and I finally was able to use it on one of my cards:) Initially I was going for 2 cards, as you can see in the video, but just didn’t had the time to finish them both 😦

This trasparent paste is a bit more liquid than regular texture paste, so before I applied it I made sure that my stencil was taped in place really well. After I applied the paste, I used a tiny spoon to add the glitter in various colors and I used red for the flowers, green for the leaves and a bit of gold on what it was left.


I had to wait for about 8 hours for the paste to dry. You can make a bunch of these at once and while the paste dries you can work on other projects. I really liked the result so even if it may take a bit of extra time with the paste and all, I think that a card like this would really be a joy for whoever receives it. That glitter and the dimension from the paste are simply gorgeous!


I finished my card by adding some clear sequins here and there and embossed my sentiment onto a red piece of cardstock.

You can watch the process in the video down below or HERE on my YouTube channel.

I really hope this was inspiring and that you can give this technique a try as I am sure you will love the result as much as I do:)



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