SSS September 2015 Card Kit Day 3

Hello, everyone!

It is been quite long since my last post but there are so many things going on here with moving and such that makes all so difficult for me to keep my blog updated.:) I am trying to finish my mini series with the SSS September Card Kit so I have this project that I made a couple weeks ago.


For this card I used one of the lovely acetate prints that came with the kit aswell as a couple of the patterned papers. As much as I love these prints, I have to say that they are not easy to incorporate within a card, or at least to me it isn’t:)


I used a rectangle die to cut a panel onto my background there and I cut it slightly smaller than my acetate sheet so I could adhere this last one to the back. I then used another panel of patterned paper to the back of it and also cut out a frame just to make the acetate print pop out a bit more. I tend to make a lot of simple cards lately just because I have an issue with free time, but hopefully that will end soon so I can get back and do some more elaborated cards, with coloring and stamping and such, cause I miss it so much 😀

I don’t know how I managed to adhere the acetate in the wrong way, there is some showing at the top side, but I did and as much as I wanted to fix it I just couldn’t as the foam that I used had such a strong adhesive that it could have ruined everything when I tried to remove it. So I just made peace with that and decided to still share this project with you:P

You can watch the video down below or HERE for my Youtube channel. Thank you for visiting!


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