Watercolor Party Invitations & Some Good Deals

Hello, you!

I’m popping in to share a fun & simple project with you. We will be moving to a new home soon, probably and hopefully it will be next month if all goes well and as we will have a ”farewell to old home” party, I had to make some invitations to send out to our friends. I needed something fun, easy and quick to make as time is always a problem for me lately:)

So look what I came up with! I am so excited for how these turned out, they bring me so much joy when I look at them! I don’t know why or how, but these simple & colorful invitations make me feel so happy!


There are a couple of ways to make the checkered background and you can see that in the video also.

One way is to use a strip stamp. I just made some marks to every 2 cm on my cards. My panels here measure 10 cm so with the 2 cm marks you will have even squares. You can also use an embossing pen to draw the lines and emboss them with any color that you like or you can simply use a permanent marker as this will resist to the watercolor! I am sure that you have at least one of these around your craft room so I encourage you to try to make these backgrounds and feel the joy that these can bring, hihi:)

As you can see, the colors are applied randomly and the squares are not perfectly colored in, I did try both ways, but I prefer the ones that are not perfectly colored:) I used a stamp set by Avery Elle to stamp my invitations. This stamp set was the perfect find in my stash, I had it for a while but haven’t used it yet so I am more than happy that it helped me create these invitations just as I wanted. I also was able to stamp the inside as this stamp set is designed for party projects so to say:)


I cut my card bases to 10.5 cm squares and adhered the colored panels right on top. Love them, love them, love them! Can’t say how happy I am that I can now make some cool party invitations so fun, colorful and so quick. I don’t have to make too many, like probably 5 or 6, but if you need to make more, you can also create the bakcground on full size watercolor sheets and then trim them out to the size you need. That will pretty much assure you will make these more quickly.

Now onto some awesome finds!


I spend most of my time in front of my PC, for work, blogging, video and photo editing so while I wait for my files to save, I like to browse for good deals. I have some pretty awesome finds to share with you for various watercolor mediums. You can CLICK on each photo for more details.

Image Map Image Map

I am adding my fun invitations to the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge where the theme is ”Make a Plan”. I am planning a party here so I think these would work just nice, right?:)

Thank you all so much for visiting and will see you soon with a new project!


2 thoughts on “Watercolor Party Invitations & Some Good Deals

  1. Jamie Vanskiver says:

    These invitations are so fun!!! I absolutely love them! Thank you for the great video too 🙂


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