Easy & Quick Backgrounds


I have several things to share with you today and it all started with one background stamp that I simply loove!:) It is a wide stripes background stamp from Simon Says Stamp and I finally managed to get it; it’s been a while I wished I had it and now it is finally mine! My precious, lol!

Oh, this stamp is simply amazing! You can do so many cool things with it in just minutes and if you are like me always searching for good supplies that help you create beautiful, yet quick cards, I am sure you will find it amazing too!

At first I really wanted to stamp the stripes like in a continuos pattern, so I did some measuring and tests and in the end I gave up as I just couldn’t get the stripes stamped perfectly one below eachother with different inks. I kept trying to fit them in, but without any success:) In the end decided to work with the background that I kept getting and so I grabbed a white gel pen and made some lines along the strip of color where the inks blended. I did the same with a black pen also and I really really like how it came out. In the end my work was repayed in a way, lol:)


I picked out 2 of the backgrounds that I created and made some cards also.


See the pattern on the blue stripes there? For this card I used the kissing technique. You can see how that is made in the 1st video!:)


So I made 2 videos, one where I show you how you can use this stamp and the other one with the actual cards that I made. It was a lot to show, so I had to split it in two:) Basically with this stamp I created quick backgrounds that can also be used as patterned paper, did a cool technique that is called kissing and added a pattern to the stripes, decorated a paper die cut in seconds and lastly used the various stripes as decorations for my cards:)


So here are the 2 videos and I really hope you can find something useful in what I did 🙂

Thank you for being here!


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