SSS June 2015 Card Kit Day 4 / It’s not a Card..

..but a labeling system for my ink pads. Yay!:)

Hello, crafters!

As the title says this post won’t feature a card made with the SSS June Card Kit, but how I managed to ”label” my ink pads with the help of a stamp from this set.


I used to have all my inks labeled with a small label on which I had stamped a tiny heart and even if in the beggining I liked how they all looked, I kind of needed something else to make the pads more obvious to my eye!:)

Here is how I had them before.


Now while I was working with this stamp set, I noticed that the strip stamp there had the perfect size to fit onto the sides of my pads, so I made a test and stamped one of the inks with this stamp, then cut the strip with my sccisors and put a bit of adhesive tape to the back. I was so happy to see how good it looked that I decided to label all my ink pads like this.


And here is how they look now. So pretty! And I’ve put the label on both sides so no matter how I place my pad, I will be able to see the color. I was also happy that I got to use some of the white cardstock scraps that I had laying around:)


I hope you found this useful and gave you an idea on how you can label your ink pads using this lovely stamp set:)

Thx for visiting and see you soon with the last day of the June Card Kit mini series 🙂


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