Color Combo for the Altenew Vintage Roses

Hey, all!

I’m back with a new & quick project. Today I am featuring the amazing stamp set by Altenew called Vintage Roses. This is one of my most favorite stamp sets from all the stamps that I have. Still, since I got it several months ago, I used it only once or twice. And that was just because I didn’t have too many inks to stamp these build-on roses and leaves. This stamp set has a lot of flowers and leaves grouped with coordinating stamps for adding shadows and details. It is truly a wonderful set! But to give these flowers a nice finish, you need several tones of the same colors so that you can build these images out.


So now that my ink stash got bigger, I could try out various colors to use with these roses. I don’t know if you people use any kind of ink swatches for organizing your inks or have any other method for it, I did try several ways to organize my inks but none of them worked. I always had the swatches in my drawers and never went to pull them out when I needed them, lol. So I decided to try out a new way for having the inks hitting right into my eyes, something to be visibile all the time. So I draw some columns and rows onto several A4 sheets, used a butterfly stamp and stamped all my inks onto the sheets that I just attached straight onto my wall, lol! Now yes, that I see them and will use those inks more for sure! And actually this system here helped me picking the inks for this project. You can find the PDF file for download at the end of the post.

I created a bunch of envelopes or gift card holders, anyway the purpose of these envelopes for this project is far away from what’s intended, as they will be used for putting rice inside that will get tossed at my friend’s wedding! Yay!


These are easy to make, all I did was to stamp the various layers of the flower & leaves, no need to go too much into detail for that, so I will just write down all the colors that I used for stamping. Hopefully it will help those of you that may struggle with this stamp set, like it happened to me:)

The first rose that I made is an orange one, and here are the inks that I used for it, going from light to dark:


Archival Ink Buttercup / Avery Elle Fizz / Distress Ink Spiced Marmalade / SSS Orange Peel

Second rose is yellow:


SSS Lemon Chiffon / Memento Luxe Dandelion / Archival Ink Buttercup / Archival Ink Chrome Yellow

For my third rose I used tones of pink:


SSS Cotton Candy / Hero Arts Bubblegum / SSS Doll Pink / Hero Arts Raspberry Jam

And last one, the blue rose:


Distress Ink Tumbled Glass / SSS Audrey Blue / Distress Ink Peacock Feathers / Colorbox Deep Lagoon

As you can see on three of the envelopes I made the leaves green with SSS Beanstalk Green / SSS Green Leaf

Instead for the last rose that is blue, I wanted something different, so I used some grey inks Memento London Fog / Colorbox Charcoal. Now all I have to do is let my friend decide which color she likes best to use for these rice holders:)

While working on the ink chart project I realized that I need some red inks and also some good purple inks. This is also another big help for seeing what you have or what you still miss:) Here is a photo of my ink chart wall painting, lol, it’s like a piece of wall art:).


Once I finished it, I saw that I stamped the second rows of brown in the wrong squares, but I have to remake it anyway as I have to write all the names of the various inks in a more legible way, haha, and also stamp the inks from light to dark, maybe it will be much more easier if I display them like this. To adhere my sheets to the wall I used these STICKY TACS

***I have 2 PDF files here for download if you want to make this chart. One file shows how to fill it in, the second file is blank so you can fill in the inks & colors that you have. Just click and save it to your computer.

Example Chart Empty Chart

Ok, so that’s it for today, I will link you to the supplies I’ve used. If you have your own way to create ink swatches, please share it, will love to see more ideas:)

Have a Happy & Sunny Weekend!


2 thoughts on “Color Combo for the Altenew Vintage Roses

  1. Mila Georgieva says:

    Hi, Andreea, good ideas here! And thank you for sharing them… I am just buying the same stamp set… and the Beautiful Day stamp set as well… and I already got Botanical Garden… I just can not stop collecting these little treasures… I like your blog! It is full of light spirit and joy! Keep on, happy girl! 🙂


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