Floral Pattern / Clean & Simple

Hi all!

There’s a beautiful sunny day here in Rome and everything in my garden started blooming! yay! So that inspired me to make a floral card for today.


I used the same stamp set from yesterday when I made the watercolor card. I like to make several cards with the new stamp sets that I get, otherwise I will put them aside and forget about them. It happened so many times so I decided to use any stamp set as much as I can before switching to a new one. Therefore if you see cards using the same stamp set now you know the reason why:)


So I started this project by masking the bottom side of the card with some painter’s tape so that I could concentrate my layout only to the top of the card. I chose some inks that go well together and stamped the outline of the roses with a darker ink and the center with a lighter ink. To avoid overlaying the flowers I created some masks out of a sticky note sheet.

Once I finished stamping all my flowers & leaves, I added a thin strip of cardstock to separate the pattern from the rest of the card and stamped my sentiment with a black ink. I also added a small cute bow there and a bit of shimmer to the flowers.

This was my card for today, for any questions, please leave me a comment down below. Thank you all for being here:)


4 thoughts on “Floral Pattern / Clean & Simple

  1. Cosetta says:

    Una bellissima card, adoro le rose selvatiche di La Coppia Creativa 🙂
    Love this card and love wild roses of La Coppia Creativa 🙂


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