How to Use the MISTI with Die Cuts & Matching Stamps

Hello everybody!

I’m back with a new post and today I want to share with you a video featuring the MISTI tool! Yes, I got the MISTI, yay!!:) And I’m so excited that it finally arrived! The last couple of days I played a bit with this wonderful tool and I can’t say just how amazing this is. Basically it is a stamp positioning tool, but you can do so many other things with it and the results are always perfect. It’s like magic!

You can purchase the MISTI tool HERE or HERE

So here is the video showing how you can use the MISTI to stamp on die cuts with matching stamps.  I hope you can give this tool a try:) You will be pretty amazed!

I will have the 1st part of the video showing some basic stamping with the MISTI coming soon, so stay tuned!

**Remember you can set a better resolution by clicking the wheel icon on the video toolbar

If you have other ways to stamp on die cuts with the MISTI, leave me a comment and share your technique, would be more than happy to give it a try myself:)


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