Extend Your Dies / Balloons into Vases

While I was playing around with my dies trying the partial die cutting technique, I came to realize that I could use the die cut pieces for other purposes than the ones that they were ment to be used.

The dies that I was playing around with were 2 balloon dies. For making these vases I used the partial die cutting technique, but you can easily die cut your pieces in the normal way that you do and just cut the bottoms out with your scissors.

Here is what you will need for this project: balloon dies, cardstock, ruler, pencils, precision knife, Big Shot


First of all I drew 2 lines across my piece of cardstock leaving a small distance between them. You will see why in a bit.


Align your dies with the first line, the one that is closer to you, so to say, and tape them in place.


Now align the same first line with the edge of the BigShot cutting plate.


And place the other plate on top. What you placed on the first line won’t be cut, what you placed on the second line will be cut. Doing so you will know untill where you have to make your cut.

Here is how the die cut pieces are. The idea that I had in mind while I was making this, was to have some balloons hanging from the top by using the partial die cut technique. But I didn’t manage to bring my project to an end because I just got stuck and had the rest of the ideas all blurry in my mind! I hope I will be able to finish it and turn it into what I was planning:)


Carefully cut between the die cuts, paying attention on not to cut the die cuts bottom sides.


You can now adhere your die cut piece onto your card and stamp some flowers for your vases.


Here is a card that I made with the vases I created




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