How I store my Clear Stamps / Video

I know many crafters have a hard time finding the best way to store & organize various crafting items. Today I would like to show you my way of organizing my stamps.

In the beggining I stored my stamps in CD cases after seeing a couple of videos and read some blogs on organizing & storing various craft tools. And as I started using the CD cases, I threw away all the packagings that had the clear acetate sheets with the printed images of the stamps. (I regret I did that, and I so wish that the various companies could provide the acetate sheets only, but they are not, so what’s done is done:) I place my stamps on both sides of the CD cases an even if they can get a bit bulky, they still close, so this method works just fine. The only thing I don’t like about clear cases is that they have an open space close to the closing side and if you place small stamps inside, they might fall off from that opening there. So pay attention to how you lay your stamps:)

With this system I managed to store all my stamps that have no packaging anymore and as I started conserving the full packages also, I now have stamps with all the packagings and the clear acetate sheets. So for these new stamps I had to find a way to store & organize them. I know that many crafters use the Avery Elle or Simon Says Stamp pockets and this can be a great way to store clear stamps also. But as these pockets you have to store them in containers and for who has many stamps this method can get quite pricy, I found a new way to store my stamps. And it is more economical and takes less space also. While I was shopping yesterday I found these books ( I call them books, but they are not real books) that have trasparent sheets, made out of durable sturdy plastic. These are intended for office presentations sheets, as holders.20141223_134846 I got home and tried to see if these would work with my stamps and they did and I just love them and regret I didn’t get more! I will soon, though:) 20141223_134830 I love them because the pages are wide enough so you can fit inside bigger stamp sets and not only the 4in x 6 in ones. I store different sizes inside and they work just great. 20141223_134905 This is a set from Waltzing Mouse and it’s 15 cm x 21 cm. Now ”my book” here is quite bulky and that’s because I inserted 2 stamp sets in one pocket, but if you don’t like to have things so bulky you can place only one stamp set inside a pocket. 20141223_134835 I then cut a piece of white cardstock to 15 cm x 21 cm and placed it behind my stamps. This way they are easier to see and also it prevents the stamps from shifting out of the pockets. These pages don’t have flaps like the Avery Elle ones or the SSS ones, but for me it’s even better this way. Opening and closing flaps can take time and I like to work fast and have all in handy. You can have your book on your craft table, flip through the pages and pick the samps that you want to use. It’s easier than having the container with all the separate pockets inside. Or at least to me it works best this way.

And another great thing about this system is that is portable. You can take your stamping book and craft over your friend’s house or at some craft meetings and stuff like that. As I said I only got one stamping book, but I will definitely get more as I want to make a separate one for all my wafer thin dies and I am thinking on storing my stamps following some various themes also, like flower stamps, sentiment stamps, critter stamps ecc and have them all organized like this. And also will use one for my large stencils. I am so excited! 😛

**Update note → These are called Presentation Clear Books and here are links to some similar that you can find on Amazon too.


3 thoughts on “How I store my Clear Stamps / Video

  1. Deborah says:

    Great video. I love that book idea. But you never said where you found the book at. Please let me know. I am having problems like you with the cd holders.


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