How to Embellish a Wooden Box for Christmas

Here is a project that I just finished making, I also recored a video so you can see all the process and will upload it soon, but this is a really easy craft project and you can figure out how I made it just by looking at the photo.

I bought a wooden box and 2 empty bottles that I filled with a liquor made by my grandparents. Will be giving it to a deer friend of us and as the box was too simple and not ‘Christmasy’ at all ,I decided to use a couple of stamps to embellish it:)


I didn’t take any photo of the various steps as this project was a bit messy and had all my hands covered with ink and powder all the time. But did manage to push the record button on my camera:)

First I covered the lid with a lot of anti-static powder and after I stamped the first image with the Versamark and sprinkeld the embossing powder I kept asking myselef how will I remove the extra powder from the stamped image. It is not a piece of paper that I can flip over and flick it with my fingers:) So I decided to place a piece of paper near to the bottom of the box and open the lid to make the powder slide onto my piece of paper. It worked with the first image so I went ahead and stamped a lot of snowflakes and added a sentiment also.


Now if you want to go crazy you can cover all the sides of the box with some stamps, I didn’t have too much time to try it out and I had only 1 box. If I wouldn’t have liked the final result I would have been in trouble. So I decided to leave it as is, with only the lid decorated.

I believe it came pretty nice, it is really cool in real life and I will try this out on different boxes in the future also. I think I will be adding some ribbon all around the box, will deffinitely make some tests:)

Last but not least, I also made a couple of tags writing the names of the liquors using some alphabet stamps. Then I punched the holes, added some cute ribbon and my project was done!



Would love to see what you people think, so if you want to share your thoughts don’t be shy and use the comment box below:)


20141219_013342  20141218_20210220141219_013442


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