Coloring with Pencils and Gamsol / Video


I recently got some new colored pencils and I must say that I just love using them! There are a lot of brands out there that most crafters use, but if you check the prices they are not too ‘available’. I got the Prisma 12 pack just out of curiosity, I used them for a while, but maybe because there are not too many colors available, you can’t have too much fun playing around with them. So after searching online, I came to find the Faber Castel colored pencils at such a reasonable price. I payed like € 12 for a pack of 48. And the colors are so amazing and so many! For example the green has 6 different shades and there are included 2 mettallics also, the gold and the silver.

I also purchased my very first Altenew Stamps and received it yesterday. Yay! This set is perfect for coloring. Must say I fell in love with these flowers, so beautifully drawn! So last night I sat to my desk  and tried out different color combinations. And as my sister’s bday is geting close and she is a purple color addict, I came up with this card for her.


For my first attempt with this technique I think the result is awesome:) I am not a coloring artist, I have no talent with drawing, not even a simple image, but the pencils & the Gamsol help so much!


I used 3 shades of purple and in real life they are all visible, although the photo didn’t catch all the shades. After blending all colors, I came back to the darker shade and applied some strokes on the petals. I really like how it all came out.

Here is another attempt, with oranges and reds. Isn’t it lovely?


I tried them on kraft paper also, and they work perfectly


The color applies very smoothly to the paper and even if you don’t use the Gamsol, the effect is great anyway. With the Gamsol, everything just blends in (or out:)). I got this kit by Stampers Anonymous and i believe that for anyone who wants to tru out this technique, this is the perfect helping tool. It comes with 2 paper stumps and a file to sharpen them when you need.

When you apply Gamsol, you can see how the color smooths out and the strokes that you might got while using the pencils just fade away. I initially thought that Gamsol helps spreading the color around, like when you’re watercoloring and the color gets to places where you didn’t applied it also. Well even if the Gamsol is liquid, it dosen’t do that!  The word that I found to describe what it does, is ‘smoothing’ the color out:) So you need at least 2 colors to get the gorgeous blended effect. Very important for coloring with Gamsol: watercolor pencils do not work with this technique, so just get normal colored pencils.

Today was a ‘first’ time for several things. I made my very first video on how I colored the flowers. I struggled all day with Youtube! I thought it’s much easier to edit a video, but it wasn’t. So here is my first video, without the voice over yet:)


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