”Stretch” for Christmas Day 1

Hello, everyone!

What a title, right? Do not worry, I’m not talking about stretching your muscles, just those cute little stamps that we all go crazy about 🙂

I got this idea earlier of starting a series of creating Christmas Cards without using Christmas stamps. I remembered the days when I began making cards and had not enough stamps for the projects I had in mind. And probably many of you out there are now taking the first steps into card making and you find yourselves having the same issues. So that was the starting point of this new project. Although card making it is a wonderful hobby, with all the items that come up every day, it may be quite an expensive crafting hobby.

So, here is my first card following the non-Christmas stamps idea.

I had this branch / tree kind of thing stamp that I wanted to transform into a Christmas tree and with the help of a small circle stamp I created few ornaments here and there. I covered the dots with Glossy Accents just by squeezing small drops on top of the ornaments and that will give so much shine and dimension to the stamped circles once it dries.


For a more festive look I dabbed some Versamark Embossing Ink all around the edges of my card and sprinkled the WOW Metallic Brass on top.

Now let me tell you that this powder it’s a really WOW! embossing powder. I just love the color and honestly to me it is the perfect gold color. I used several other brands, but this one it is just perfect!

 I then tied a bow and adhered it with some home-made glue dots to give it the wavy shape thing. You know what I mean 🙂
*Btw, the glue dots are made with Alleene’s Tack-it Over & Over Glue that once it’s dried becomes trasparent and really really tacky. Just squirt some dots on a baking sheet or a non sticky surface and let dry for several hours, untill becomes trasparent. The fun thing in making the glue dots yourself, is that you can make them in any size you want by controlling the amount of glue that you squeeze out:)
Here is a list of the products I used. The links are of sites located in Italy, UK(ships internationally) and USA(ships internationally) so you can purchase based on your location.


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